Marmoleum / Linoleum Floor Renovation Angus, Scotland.


Our latest Marmoleum Cleaning and Sealing in Angus is one our team are particularly proud of.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Sealing Scotland by Absolute Floorcare


Originally installed by our customers late husband it really was something of beauty.

The time taken by him to measure, plan, mark out, cut and install all these pieces, before CAD Software and Water Jet cutting, is truly staggering.

Years of diligent maintenance had kept the floor in fantastic condition but the accumulated layers of floor polish were now beginning to detract rather than enhance.

When the clients initial contractor found that a strip and seal wasn’t going to be achievable he recommended our services. The sentimental value of the floor meant replacement would never be an option.

After a couple of site visits and test areas it was determined that tapping into some of the other renovation disciplines normally used on wood and stone, as well as resilient flooring, would be needed. A traditional Strip & Seal even using high performance products would be ineffective.

Cumulating in a combination of techniques to mechanically remove the old layers of finish, without the need for chemical strippers, known to have adverse effects on certain colours of Marmoleum. Resurfaced the floor to removing decades of scratching and damage giving us a firm foundation of raw flooring to build on.


Add into this some replacing of damaged tiles and finishing could begin.

Marmoleum Cleaning and Sealing Scotland by Absolute Floorcare

We set about firstly priming the floor then applying a permanent PU sealer with an extra matt finish to keep a natural look whilst creating a high performance wear layer bringing the floor up to date with current day flooring.


This surface will no longer require the application of polish due to the durability of the finish. A simple clean and overcoat is all that will be require in future years.


If you have a Marmoleum floor that is past its best give us a call before you consider replacement.

Often, even we, are surprised by what we be achieved!