Irn Bru Stain Removal from Hotel Carpet- St.Andrews

Subject: Watching Irn Bru dry with Donald Trump?

You’ve heard the phrase ‘watching paint dry’?

Well, I’ve come up with a concept even more abstract: watching Irn Bru dry.

It’s a concept that Donald Trump isn’t contemplating – the news has filtered through that the US President has banned the glorious orange liquid from his Ayrshire Golf Club, in an effort to preserve the plush carpets all through the club.

And the manager of the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews could be forgiven for wanting to go the same direction.

We received a call from them out of the blue, just a few days after they’d completed a big refurbishment project.

Having spent THOUSANDS sorting their lobby out, and making it as luxurious and opulent as possible, they finally reopened the area, only for a punter to kick a can of Irn Bru over, on opening night.

And where did the orange stuff go? All over their brand new, HUGE rug.

A big, sticky orange stain, completely destroying the look of their brand new, opulent lobby.

I wouldn’t like to guess how much this thing cost, but let’s just say it wasn’t your standard IKEA item.

Anyway, Irn Bru stains are notoriously difficult to remove, but we fancied the challenge, so the staff at the Fairmont rolled it up, chucked it on their transit and delivered it to our workshop.

I took one look at it, and relished the task, and just to make things interesting, I decided to live stream the stain removal on Facebook.

And you know what? People tuned in and watched the WHOLE THING.

Now, I’d argue that my dulcet tones make this a far more interesting watch than any amount of paint drying, but I’ll let you be the judge:

Watch below to see whether I managed to get the stain out.

And if you want a stain removed from your beautiful rug, carpet or floor, you know where to come…